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About us

We are a mixed gaming community hosting seven all female Overwatch teams at various skill levels. Our primary goal is promoting competitive female gaming in a welcoming environment, where our members can improve their game skills while having fun and making friends.

We welcome members of all ages and backgrounds to join our stress free environment. If you would like to get in touch please don't hesitate to contact us on any of our social media platforms or by using the email address provided at the bottom of this page.

promote gaming

We aim to promote competitive gaming in the female scene through our excellent community. We want to use our teams as an example of what it takes to succeed in competition.

Have fun together

Gaming is our hobby, and we're not just overwatch players. So please, come out and enjoy fun nights on a multitude of games including, but definitely not limited to overwatch!

Win tournaments

We wish to create a competitive environment for our players where they get to take part in gaming competitions and show off their skills

Our Teams


Our most competitive team with a diamond to master skill rating. Currently playing three times per week with one coaching session


Our most casual team, currently in the gold range. This team plays together one time per week with one coaching session.


Our improvement based team, currently platinum. A team where girls can practice other roles or just get better at Overwatch.


Our diamond EU team. They scrim twice per week and have one review session.


Our NA GrandMaster team, newly founded and awaiting new members.


Our master NA team. Currently accepting new members.


Our diamond NA team They scrim two times per week and have one review session.

Get in touch on social media if you would like to apply to any of our teams

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